Virtual Alternative to Workshops and Seminars*

Save time and money with virtual online training.

Airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, travel expenses, and most importantly your employee's time. When you send your people off-site for training, these expenses can add up to thousands of dollars for just a single day.

Save your company thousands of dollars in expenses while keeping your vital workers in the office. Join several major corporations who have already chosen to save time and money by using Coaching for Improved Performance.

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*Classroom training is available as part of Blueline Simulation's Leadership Innovations Series Blueline Simulations

Effective Training

Our training tools are proven effective.

Coaching for Improved Performance is one of dozens of training systems created by SIMmersion since 2002 when it was spun out of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Several studies, including those by Northwestern University, Winona State University, funded by National Institutes of Health and others have shown that SIMmersion training systems both engage users and have a significant effect on behavior.

For more information on this research, click here.

Keep Track of your Employees

Our management tools keep track of everything.


As the administrator on your organization's account, you can add employees with a single click and get them training right away. One of the benefits of virtual online training is access to all kinds of data not available with other training delivery methods. Our exclusive tools allows you to monitor your employees as they train and compile reports on their progress.

A user report can answer these important questions:

  • Are they using the training?
  • How much are they training?
  • Are they making progress?
  • Have they completed the training?

We are confident that these tools will prove the value of Coaching for Improved Performance and help you get the most from your High Potential employees.

Management Tools

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