The Test Drive

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System Requirements

Included Features

5 Keys

  • Avoid arguments
  • Emphasize that you want a mutually helpful atmosphere
  • Identify what motivates a person
  • Focus on the future, not the past
  • Express confidence in their ability to improve
  • Recognize when Employees are:
    • Defensive
    • Withdrawn
    • Angry
  • Empathize and Respond Appropriately
  • Identify when Employees Agree, but only Superficially
  • Explore Employee’s Reservations and Make Them Feel Included
  • Focus Coaching on Behaviors that are Observed and Documented
  • Reduce Defensiveness by Sticking to the Facts
  • Use Positive Body Language
  • Express Empathy
  • Summarize the Situation
  • Offer Feedback
  • Paraphrase the Employee's Responses
  • Check in on the Employee's Perceptions
  • Practice Reflective Language
  • Set the Pace and Direction of the Conversation
  • Avoid Tangents or Excessive Chit-Chat
  • Keep Your Cool
  • Control the Conversation without Being Controlling

7 Steps

  • Arrange the room
  • Welcome the employee and thank them for coming
  • Sit across from you employee to promote open dialogue
  • Identify purpose of the conversation
  • Explain your expectations
  • Probe to find out what the employee likes about their current role
  • Learn which tasks the employee dislikes
  • Have a conversation about the employee's career aspirations and personal goals
  • Ask questions about the employee's motivation
  • Compliment the employee on specific action
  • State why the action was good
  • Ask a question
  • Review strengths
  • Discuss areas of improvement
  • Identify gaps
  • Brainstorm ways to improve
  • Stay Patient: the root of substandard performance will not always be obvious
  • Use Reflective Questions
  • Help Employees Identify the Source Themselves
  • Specific: Create specific goals
  • Measurable: Discuss how you will measure improvement
  • Achievable: Decide which behaviors need to change and make sure those changes can be obtained
  • Results-Focused: Formulate a reasonable plan to reach that goal. If necessary, set smaller goals that will help your employees
  • Time-Bound: Set a date to evaluate improvement
  • Summarize discussion
  • Restate plan of action
  • Review deadlines for improvement
  • Ask if the employee has any questions or concerns
  • Emphasize your commitment to working with the employee
  • Set a follow-up meeting

Brooke has six distinct personalities. To complete this training, you will learn to coach each one...

  1. Argumentative: Brooke feels she is smarter than others and that other people's ideas and deadlines aren't important.
  2. Passive-Aggressive: Brooke does not properly prioritize her work. She is into socializing instead of working. She likes the sound of her own voice and pontificates.
  3. Angry: Brooke prefers to socialize rather than work. She likes the sound of her own voice and pontificates.
  4. Apathetic: Brooke feels deadlines aren't important. When attending meetings she is bored and makes irrelevant jokes.
  5. Sensitive: Brooke spends too much time doing others' work, so she can't complete her own. She wants to be liked, so she parrots others' comments to win their respect.
  6. Blaming: Brooke doesn't have the skills to complete her work and doesn't understand her tasks. She tries hard to appear competent by bluffing, so often communicates incorrect information.

Why Train with Brooke

Effective performance counseling?
  • Effective coaching can significantly improve productivity.
  • Employees may underperform for years, simply because they don't know what they are doing wrong. They need to be told in an effective manner.
  • Managers often do not provide an accurate evaluation because they are reluctant to confront a subordinate they depend on.
  • Effective coaching can help end the "us vs. them" mentality between managers and employees that exists in many organizations.
  • Applying the Coach 5-7 Model becomes easy and seems natural after practicing with Brooke.