Why Train with Brooke?

Why do I need training in performance coaching?
  • Effective coaching can significantly improve productivity.
  • Employees may underperform for years, simply because they don't know what they are doing wrong. They need to be told in an effective manner.
  • Managers often do not provide accurate evaluations because they are reluctant to confront subordinates they depend on.
  • Effective coaching can help end the "us vs. them" mentality between managers and employees that exists in many organizations.
  • Conducting consistent evaluations is a challenge for managers, when employee personalities and communication styles vary so widely.
  • Applying the Coach 5-7 Model becomes easy and seems natural after practicing with Brooke.

The Simulation Advantage / Learn during training, not on the job

But Brooke is just a simulation. Isn’t real-world experience the best way to learn?
Using coaching sessions with real employees as your training is risky. Learning by making mistakes can be very costly and put future productivity on the line. Damaging the morale of one employee can affect others, and may even result in the loss of employees. Worst of all, because real-world experience doesn’t provide clear feedback, you may never know why things went poorly. Training with Brooke allows you to practice for hours with mistakes having no real consequences. When coaching Brooke, feedback is provided continually, so learners are able to take advantage of the most teachable moments.

Control your own Training / Beyond Workshops

Control your own Training / Beyond Workshops
Workshops don't really work!
  • Time, travel and overall costs are very expensive
  • Learners are a passive audience
  • Feedback is inconsistent
  • Little opportunity for individual practice
  • Cannot be repeated whenever learners want
Attending workshops is a passive way to learn, through talks and powerpoint presentations. Live role-play opportunities are limited to the time and place of the workshop, and may feel embarrassing or unrealistic. Feedback from a workshop leader may be incomplete or inconsistent. In contrast, training with Brooke allows you to learn by doing. Brooke is available any time, providing a wide variety of realistic experiences. Training with her is active and engaging. You have the freedom to train at your own pace and make mistakes without any chance of public embarrassment. And feedback is thorough, complete and consistent.

Coach 5-7 Model

Control your own Training / Beyond Workshops
Coaching is not easy. Good coaching consists of Five Keys and Seven Steps. The Five Keys describe a method for communicating effectively. The Seven Steps provide an outline or structure for the discussion.